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DoFollow Rapist

Be on the lookout for a “seo” rapist. This guy (his blog doesn’t deserve a link) is writing a new custom search engine of only blogs that don’t nofollow. His spider hits your site, then within seconds every URL in your sitemap is hit, leading to high bandwidth and server resource usage. I recommend blocking “” as well as user-agents that include “ Dofollow blogs search engine crawler” This bot is very ill-behaved. It doesn’t even pretend to ignore robots.txt, it doesn’t even request the file.

It’s fools like this guy that almost make me want to remove my nofollow plugin. It’s another case of a few bad apples spoiling a good situation for everyone.

One Comment

  1. Amelia Vargo says:

    What a cheeky / underhand thing to do. Thanks for the thumbs up on blocking the IP and blogfollower search engine crawler.