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Junk Mail Update for May 2011

I’m on my anti-junk mail kick again. I really don’t get that much junk mail, because I clamp down on the mail that we do get. These are the egregious junk mailers I’ve tried to deal with today. I went to their web sites to contact them. Hopefully they will respond to my request that […]

Vistaprint Still Sucks

So, three and a half months after “closing” my account with Vistaprint (see Vistaprint sucks for details) guess what I got in the postal mail today? Junk mail from some loser motivation speaker series addressed to me with my tagged postal address. I always give a unique shipping address to companies I order stuff from. […]

Re: Verizon needs to stop jerking me around

In Verizon needs to stop jerking me around Derek pegs why junk mail sucks. And a bonus, he pegs why Verizon sucks. Just yesterday my office’s T1 line went down. I call the helpful UUNet number to discover Verizon owns UUNET, or MCI, or whoever the heck it is. I have more important things to […]

Microsoft adCenter junk mail

At work yesterday I received a glossy advertisement from Microsoft touting their new adCenter. Beyond the irony of using postal junk mail to advertise an online advertising platform is the irony of the opt-out method for stopping this junk in the future. If you prefer not to receive future promotional mailings of this type from […]

MacWorld Info Sharing

I just started a personal subscription to MacWorld. And got my first issue the same day I got junk mail from MacWorld selling my address info. How do I know they sold my info? Simple, I gave them a tagged mailing address. Their opt out information is at They also helpfuly tell you to […]

University of Phoenix is desparate

I just got some junk mail from the University of Phoenix. It was sent to me at work, with one the web sites I manage as the company name on the address label. Wow, I am so excited! I can now get my Bachelor’s degree. Wow! I guess my Masters Degree doesn’t count for anything. […]

Six more Applications

I just prepared six more applications against junk mailers, mostly local. It is quite annoying that all commercial mailers do not include a return mailing address. I do a google search, but some businesses can’t be found online. So I call the phone number given, and they don’t have any useful info on there, they […]


I just realized my Form 1500 application for Valpak got ignored by the USPS as well. Luckily, their web site has an opt-out form: ValPak Opt-Out. And then I discovered as I was filling in the opt-out form, the USPS gave me someone else’s mail! That must be against the law! I hope no one […]


Isn’t it amazing that of the five (5!) Applications for Prohibitory Order that I’ve filed against Comcast Cable, that none of them have even been acknowledged by the USPS? I guess when I file the next one, I need to send it with a Return Receipt requested, so I will know that the Processing Center […]

AT&T and Slamming

AT&T slammed me a few months ago. I made the huge mistake of giving them my street address when I called their slamming resolution center. I am now gettings tons of junk mail addressed to me as a “former AT&T customer.” Now I know if I ever get slammed, don’t give my mailing address to […]