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Woohoo! It appears that the losers that got this web site started back in January 2005 have finally been caught and charged. See SEC Says Hijacked Computers Aided Stock Scam and The Useltons for more information. And even more info at the SEC: SEC Charges Two Texas Swindlers In Penny Stock Spam Scam Involving Computer […]


Wonderful, 200 bounced messages and counting. Here’s one of the gems. Sundaram + Insider Profit Reporter: FRBV Is On Fire! + Company – Fire Mountain Beverage Ticker – FRBV Current Price – .01 52 Week High – .35 3-5 Day target – .50 6months-target – 1.25 Detailed Information About The Company: FRBV Chairman Anthony K. […]

QOIL – Fax Stock Spam

When it rains, it pours. Quest Oil is being fax-spammed too. Let’s check out the history of QOIL. Recent Price: $0.20 Accumulation Levels to: $2.00 Well, the last trade was at 17 cents. It’s already falling. I feel bad for the loser who bought a million sharers in late April 2005 for what looks like […]

DGCP fax spam from "FG" Reported to SEC

I just filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission about the mysterious “FG.” FG is the sender of the spam fax. I have the original fax available if you’d like to see it. Just ask me in the comments, or email me.

DGCP – Fax Stock Spam

Agh! Now the losers are sending me “stock tips” through my fax number. What a joke. Let’s examine their claims. Recent Price: $0.40 Accumulation Levels to: $1.00 Exit Level: $2.50 Over the past year, they’ve gone from $1.00 down to the current $0.44. Hmm, looks like its going the wrong way, so the poor sap […]

170 FNPL bounces and counting

So far, 170 bounces of the FNPL spam scam from bad email addresses.

FNPL faked "unsubscribe address"

Wow, the idiot sending out the spam under my domain is falsifying the email address used for “unsubscribe requests.” Sounds like a Federal Trade Commission report is soon to come. not that the FTC is much better than the SEC, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Here are the addresses falsified so far. […]

FNPL Loser

Gryder Market Insider Report – FNPL Is On The Move! Dear Subscriber, How can I (or actually, the intended spammed recipient) be a subscriber? Loser idiot spammer. This Weeks Hot Pick Is FNPL. With a 52wk high of 1.50 it is sitting at .80 at the moment and expected to explode over the next 2 […]

ABZT spam run

Wow, just when I thought the lame loser idiot spammer faking my domain name in their spam had gone away, they start up again. I talked with a lawyer about this, and essentially there is nothing I can do about this, except maybe trademarking my domain name, so I can sue. That’s $500 I won’t […]

GTVCF ended up with 1,535 bounces

I ended up with 1,535 bounces of falsified email addresses.