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Email forwarding from Firefox

I just signed up for a Firefox account. They have a new feature, email forwarding. You create an account, and then can create an address to use as a disposable address. IF that address gets abused, you can deactivate it. Check out Firefox Relay. I wonder if spammers are still scraping the web looking for […]

Spammers Blocked June 28, 2016

I have a bunch of domains that aren’t being sued any longer. So I’ve started going through their accumulated email to identify domains and hosts that are sending spam. I’ve blocked these today: Spam Network

Since November 30th, I’ve been getting hammered by spam coming from many different places, but based on the message headers, it’s all part of the same spam network. – Bulgaria [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] – Portugal [] […]

Reach Marketing Spam

I have started receiving email spam from a company called “Reach Marketing” via a product known as ReachBase. I wonder why they think it is ok to send out spam on behalf of other companies? If a person did not opt-in to getting marketing messages, that means you don’t send that person your marketing message. […]

No Advertising on

What the heck is wrong with the idiots out there that may think I want to run advertising on this web site? Do you see any advertising on the site already? I realize they’re just sending spam, and are just mass-mailing everyone online in the hopes of getting their drivel out there. But geesh, people […]

Domains to Block on August 29, 2011

The spam problem, while much better than it was a year ago, is still a problem. My SpamAssassin has received spam from all of these domains, in the last three weeks. I am not asserting that these domains have always been used for spam, or that they are now. But in August 2011 they were.

Spam to Old Unique Email Addresses

Over the past two weeks I’ve started getting spam that was sent to various unique email addresses I had given to sites upon account registration. These sites include: ShowCrew Network Google Groups Knight News Challenge (originally an Ebay Ad System, now fallen into the clutches of an educational scammer) While I don’t […]

Loan Spam

I know I only decide on which banks I should use to grow my business based on the the unwanted email messages they send out. We Offer Private, Commercial and Personal Loans with Minimal annual Interest Rates of 3% within a 1year to 50years to any part of the world. Contact us via email at […]

Blankers Spam Network

I have been doing some research into the new spam network I mentioned last Thursday. Below is a list of all of the “From: ” lines in the messages. This is 97 messages, with 56 domain names. If you go to the domain name mentioned in one of those email addresses, you get a blank […]

New Spam Network?

Since April 13th, I’ve been getting three to five spam messages a day that are slipping past my Postfix and SpamAssassin filters. The messages include a lot of text copied verbatim, sans links, from online discussion forums. The messages are not CAN-SPAM compliant in that there is not a mailing address in the messages. Websites […]