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No Advertising on

What the heck is wrong with the idiots out there that may think I want to run advertising on this web site? Do you see any advertising on the site already? I realize they’re just sending spam, and are just mass-mailing everyone online in the hopes of getting their drivel out there. But geesh, people […]

Using 301 vs. RewriteRule

A few weeks ago, I wrote out a series of steps aimed at Fighting Bots Via Their Bad Requests. After watching my logs since then, I’ve noticed I made an incredibly stupid mistake. Bad bots do not follow 301 redirects! What does that mean? If a regular browser encounters a web page, image, or document […]

Fighting Bots Via Their Bad Requests

Last week I started looking through my “page not found” (404) errors. It’s been interesting to say the least, with nearly 800 bad requests since then, most of which have been various attacks in trying to mislead people. I address most of these attacks or probes by re-routing the request to a robot block system […]

Evolving Chapter 5 – New Name

Currently most, and soon all, of the content at is related to technology and web design. So I took this opportunity to rename the site from “Michael Boyd Clark Journal/Blog” to “PlanetMike’s Technology Journal.” I am now adding new GoogleAlerts to monitor for the new name appearing in splogs (already found two!). I also […]

Evolving Chapter 4 – Copying the Database and Redirecting

Ok, I’ve moved a whole bunch of posts from over to my personal site, While tedious, it was a pretty straightforward process. Install WordPress on your new domain. Make sure it is the same version as the one on the old domain! Copy the active theme to the new site’s theme directory. This […]

Evolving Chapter 3 – Moving Content Between Domains

I’ve made a good start on splitting out personal stuff from, and moving it to Jokes, photo galleries, and a handful of categories from WordPress have been moved. I’m moving a few more categories today, then I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully you won’t see too many problems on any […]

Usage Statistics for 2007

Summary by Month Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits Dec 2007 15,151 13,329 8,748 2,681 42,654 7,180,572 83,124 271,191 413,207 469,697 Nov 2007 15,551 13,817 8,359 2,690 43,339 7,285,245 80,720 250,796 414,536 466,559 Oct 2007 14,355 12,382 7,932 2,829 41,912 5,712,332 87,721 245,918 383,861 445,030 Sep […]

Evolving Chapter 2 – Where will it go?

I’ve said the personal posts and content from will be moved to another site. What site would that be? I’m thinking now it will be I also have registered both and, but .name will be my “official” personal site. If you’d like to get a glimpse as to how I’ll be […]

Evolving Chapter 1 – What do I currently have?

So the first thing to do is figure out exactly what content I have to work with. For the WordPress portion of the site, that’s simple. I installed the Dagon Design Sitemap Plugin (warning – lots of spammy comments, so that site may not be managed any longer) and created a sitemap of the blog […]

Evolving Introduction

For years I’ve been using as my primary web site, and I post everything on it. The site started as a bunch of static web pages, then used (and still does in many places) server side includes. I’ve posted photos, jokes, other miscellaneous information. Then I started blogging, using Bloxsom, and then switched to […]