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Capital One Database Problem?

Earlier today I received an email from Capital One asking me to “Take a moment to update your phone number, mail, and e-mail addresses.” The problem is the message was not addressed to me, but instead to someone else. And the line that says “Re: Your account number ending in xxxx” had four digits in […]

Odd Phone Call From 512-795-6439

I just got a call on my cell from 512-795-6439. The guy “John” was heavily accented, and wanted me to provide a credit reference for a company I’d never heard of. He thought he was calling some company I’ve never heard of. Fine, it was just a wrong number, no big deal. Then he wanted […]

9/11 Pager Data Charted

WikiLeaks has released nearly “half a million US national text pager intercepts. The intercepts cover a 24 hour period surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.” More information, including the intercepts themselves, are available from the WikiLeaks web site. I’ve gone through the intercepts and created this chart. For each ten […]

Cancelled the Washington Post

This week my wife and I looked at the online options for the weekly tv listings, something the Washington Post suggested we do since they wanted to stop including the TV Week magazine with the Sunday edition. The online option is fairly useful. And since we only watch a handful of shows regularly, it’s not […]

The Incredible Shrinking Washington Post

I currently subscribe to the Washington Post, Sundays only. Three years ago I could read through the entire paper in a couple hours. Now, with the dropping of a few sections (TV Week), and combining sections together (Book World, Editorials, Business section), and reducing the amount of original writing available in the printed paper, I […]

Selling Photography with —–

(Edited 2013-01-21: The site/service is no longer around.) If you’re interested in making some money off of your photography, you might want to check out —–. —– is currently an invitation-only beta service that will allow you to make money off of your photographs. You can either have ads with the photos, or simply get […]

Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Wow, it’s that time of year, the time when we all give our once annual pat on the back to the wonderful staff that keep the networks, computers, laptops, and servers up and running. System Administration Appreciation Day . So, Mike, this one’s for you. 🙂

Blogging t-shirt slogans

I recently entered a contest to come up with phrases that describe blogging. I didn’t win, but here are my entries: I blog therefore I am Blog! You’re it! Think outside the blog. Parlez vous blog? Usted habla el blog? I’m bilingual, I speak English and Blog I read more blogs before 6am than most […]

Copyright Information

Just so everyone is clear, the blog entries and other content on is copyrighted by Michael Boyd Clark, and should not be posted to any other web site. The RSS feeds I provide are for the use of the readers of my blog, not to make it easier to steal my content and put […]

Spider writers beware of other protocols

While looking through my web server logs, I see a fair number of web spiders that are making a very bad assumption: only the http is linked from a web page. The obvious counter example is https:. A web spider needs to only follow links that are http://. You can’t simply assume if the first […]