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iWork ’08 Demo Requires Your Email Address

I’ve been loading up my new iMac, and loving it. I also downloaded the iWork ’08 demo. You can’t run the demo unless you give Apple an email address. Wow, bizarre. Even if you uncheck the “keep me informed” box you still have to enter an email address. Mailinator comes in handy again.

iTunes 8 Magnetosphere Visualizer Help

I’ve been exploring the new iTunes, and other than locking up when scanning for Album Art the first time I opened the application, I like it. The new visualizer is based off Magnetosphere. While the visualizer is running, press “?” to get a list of commands so you can customize the effects. ? = Toggle […]

The Boy Who Saved Christmas

For Christmas 2007, my wife and I made a movie with our 8 year old nephew playing all of the roles. It turned out pretty well. My sister-in-love and brother loved it, it was definitely a surprise. Filmed with a Canon GL2, edited in iMovie HD.

Renting movies from Apple via iTunes

I wrote an article about my experience with renting a movie via the Apple iTunes store. It’s published on

My iMac died

Well, hopefully it is only a heart attack. It was fine yesterday, went to turn it on this morning. Nothing. I read these pages at iMac G5: Troubleshooting when your computer won’t turn on iMac G5: Loose power cord could cause power loss iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues And […]

Top Ten Thoughts on Beginning Podcasting

Lorelle asked “What Blogs Make the Best Podcast Blogs?” I have two podcasts: (theatre information for the Washington DC area) and Key things I’ve learned: Pick a publishing schedule and then keep it. Bandwidth usage can increase exponentially. For some reason China loves my ShowBiz podcast. I hit 32GB of downloads in March. […]

I’m a Published Author

Woohoo! I am now writing for The Apple Blog. My first article came out today, and of course I made a stupid mistake in it. But regardless, it’s out there. MacBook Pro vs. MacBook/iMac vs. MacBook/Mac┬ámini Now I have to continue writing one article a week.

How Far We’ve Come

I was cleaning out some old files in an ancient file cabinet at my office and found some receipts for purchases of some Apple equipment. Think what you could get for that money today. Apple Powerbook 5300cs/100. 8MB ram, 500MB hard drive: $1,999 16MB Memory Module: $408.95 Global Village Platinum Pro PC Card (28.8bps fax/modem […]

Re: Mac Server Series: Initial Set Up

In Mac Server Series: Initial Set Up Brian shares the first steps in a video on setting up a Mac as a server. He works for a web host that lets you send them a Mac Mini, and then you can run your web sites and email off of it. I priced it out, and […]

Re: The value of AppleCare

Aaron Adams in The value of AppleCare gives a great example on why Applecare pays for itself. I agree, AppleCare is invaluable if you have a portable. I’m not as sold on AppleCare for desktop machines though. Desktops aren’t subjected to the same torture of being lugged around in bags, being dropped, being carried by […]