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Why is Facebook so slow?

I’ve been exploring Facebook the past few days. Why in the world do the pages load so incredibly slowly? I’ve found lots of people I know, although what are the odds that I might know someone else that went to Virginia Tech? It’s kind of ridiculous to “suggest” to me that I might know someone simply because we both went to VT. Fine, I got over that silliness. But the pages are loading so slowly, 30 to 60 seconds per page. Is Facebook always like that?


  1. Therese says:

    It is more than slow – for me, it has become unworkable. One tries to download a message from the mailbox, but it just goes into an endless wait and times out.

    Very difficult to get my profile up, as well.

  2. Neil Anderson says:

    I have virtually abandonned facebook due to the slowness and unresponsiveness of it all. I cannot take it and I know lots of others who have left it as well. If it can’t be up quick and I can do a quick sly check at work or something then its a problem for me. Plus i simply hate to wait.

  3. martin hill says:

    i agree, the slow speed is making it useless.

  4. Nicole says:

    i also agree, its got so bad the last week i am going to give it the flick also. Pages are taking a ridiculous amount of time to load.

  5. Vader says:

    Yup. It’s true. I’ve been on Facebook for a whole year and it is sooo sluggish and delayed. I tried to look for updates on this problem, but didn’t find any, so I thought it was just me until I googled it and saw that it was an epidemic. Maybe it’s just internet traffic and clutter, or maybe facebook just sucks!?

  6. Don says:

    I like so many things about facebook…ONCE IT FREAKON” LOADS!!!! You would think that they would try to improve it before we all go back to “UGH” MySpace!

  7. Rick Johnson says:

    It’s so slow it’s unreal. Probably the most annoying thing ever. Is it because the amount of traffic on the site? I’m not sure that would matter or not?

  8. rukaya says:

    i also seem to experience this lately. on sum days i cant even read my mail. i cant seem to look at pics that are posted by friends or even view their profile. sum day all i can do is read the news feed! why is that?

  9. roger bacon says:

    yup it’s rediculously slow, anyone with a remedy please im me on yahoo: -redacted-

  10. Roger, I removed your IM address from your comment. Sorry, it’s not a good idea to post your email or im account names publicly. I’d guess that Facebook is simply overwhelmed, although since I first wrote this post things have gotten better. Of course, part of that is I don’t use Facebook now as much as I used to.

    One strategy I had good luck with was using a different web browser just for Facebook.

  11. roger bacon says:

    likewise for myspace lol

  12. roger bacon says:

    ok mike, thanks!

  13. Rebekah says:

    It’s being sooooo slow here lately it’s basically taking a nap. I went to get something to eat this morning while waiting for this page to load that I was apparently added to but I did not join, so I was trying to remove myself from the group. I came back TEN MINUTES LATER AND IT WAS STILL TRYING TO LOAD! Plus, list of Friends is REALLY slow and just about everything on the site is!