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How to Make the WordPress Login Cookie Last Longer Than Two Weeks

One thing I loathe about WordPress 2.5 is login cookies only last two weeks. So every two weeks I get prompted to login again. It is extremely disruptive to have to log in again, when just a few hours earlier I was logged in. The cookie logic should be tweaked that if you haven’t logged […]

Showing the Post’s Time on the WordPress Edit Posts Page

I prefer having the time listed on the “edit posts” page under the WordPress admin area, instead of just the date of the post. Usually the URL you see this is something like (WP-base)/wp-admin/edit.php. I don’t see a hook to manage this format, so I couldn’t write a plugin. (If there is a hook, please […]

Comment Spam Rate

As I mentioned yesterday when I noticed I passed the 30,000 spam comment threshold, the comment spam rate on the blog has gone through the roof. I dug out some of my old backups of my WordPress database and generated this chart showing how many spam comments I’ve received. This chart is from December 14, […]

Akismet 30,000th Spam Comment

I just deleted my 30,000th comment spam. I have no idea how high the count would have been had I not put into place several techniques that automatically block bad commenters. Those that fall into my traps don’t even get entered into the Akismet system, and so aren’t counted. (Addendum 9:32pm: The count is now […]

Protecting WordPress With Fingerprints

I. Background Recent attacks against the WordPress Content Management System have prompted reminders of the recommendation that you should make sure you are running the newest version of the WordPress system. When you download WordPress, you can also download the WordPress MD5 signature so that you can double check that the downloaded file has not […]

Comment Spam Increase This Week

Has anyone else noticed a large increase in the amount of comment spam that Akismet is missing this week? I’ve tagged and deleted more comment spam in the past week than I have in the past 6 months. I would guess across all of my WordPress sites, I’m manually tagging 10 messages a day. That […]

Setting the WordPress 2.5 Secret Key

I’ve been exploring the WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 1. I found a few bugs that are probably related to AJAX or javascript under Safari 3.04. I made a few suggestions and comments for part of the new design aspect of the Administrative section. But one interesting thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere is WP 2.5’s […]