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Huge New Spam Run Starting Up

While checking my logs from overnight, I saw a huge increase in the amount of spam attempts coming in. Generally I have between 50 and 100 spam attempts per hour coming in. Yesterday, the number started increasing, and is currently running at around 3,000 rejected attempts per hour. Here’s the chart of the number of […]

“Guess who’s searching for you?” style spam is back

A few years ago, there was some spam scam outfit that would send out emails proclaiming “An individual at our website at our website is looking for information regarding: (your email address)” You’d go to the site, pay some money, and find out they really didn’t have any info about you. I received a spam […]

Frontbridge’s 88.blacklist.zap

One of my clients complained to me that some of their email wasn’t being delivered. I investigated and discovered that email to them through my server was being bounced. The error message in the maillog was: Feb 25 10:44:59 server1 postfix/smtp[607]: 852EA400001: to=,[], delay=2, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 Service unavailable; Client host [] […]

Akismet Misses “Paris Hilton Sex Tapes” Comment Spam

As much as I love using Akismet for getting rid of comment spam on my blogs, it is extremely frustrating that for some oddball reason, Akismet rarely catches spam that discusses Paris Hilton’s sex antics. I dutifully tag them as spam, but for whatever reason, Akismet won’t learn that Ms. Hilton’s shenanigans aren’t a real […]

Extra Fields in Trackback Spam

One of my blogs just caught a spammer from trying to submit trackbacks to the blog, with extra fields in the “Name” field. Gen Drebery’,’’,”,’′,’2008-01-25 13:43:30′,’2008-01-25 13:43:30′,”,’0′,’Internet Explorer’,’comment’,’0′,’0′),(’0′, ”, ”, ”, ”, ‘2008-01-26 13:43:30′, ‘2008-01-26 13:43:30′, ”, ’spam’, ”, ‘comment’, ‘0′,’0′ ) /* The web server logs showed he was trying to hit a […]

New Splogger Tactic: Random Sentences

While going through my comment spam this morning, I have discovered a new trick the sploggers are using. Until this week, they would scrape the first paragraph and then (usually) link to the original post on my site. It seems they are now choosing a few random sentences to excerpt. One of the sploggers chose […]

Jack-O-Lantern User Agent Considered Harmful

While researching some of the spam comments submitted to blog, I ran across the Jack-O-Lantern user agent. Any comments submitted from my blog are run through a unique WordPress comment post script I wrote. The script allows me to track who is spidering my site and storing the comment form URL for later usage. One […] Spam

The latest attempt to get into people’s webmail accounts is from a group Shelfari. Apparently set up as a service to help your friends learn about new books to read. They do this by getting you to give them your webmail account’s password so they can look to see if any of your friends are […]

Akismet 20,000 spam caught

I just checked my Akismet spam listing, and see that at some point on October 20th, 2007, Akismet tagged the 20,000th spam comment on my blog. Wow, amazing. And that is after tweaking WordPress to use a unique filename to process comments. Most days I get around 2 to 5 spam comments, although my gut […]

Real World Time to Receive Spam #6

It took 1.49 days to get spam this time from my tagged email address I released on Wednesday. Wow, that’s the quickest yet. This one was advertising a web directory service. By the way, the process I’m going through I’m calling a blogtrap.