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How To Succeed At Twitter

Here are a few tips on increasing your Twitter effectiveness

1. Repeat the same tweet day after day. People may forget your information, they need to hear it multiple times.

1b. Corollary: If your information is really important, post the same tweet multiple times per day.

2. Post inane information, such as what you had for lunch. People are interested, and besides, you can’t really say anything substantive in 140 characters anyways.

2b. Corollary: Post more than ten times per hour. For eight to ten hours a day. People want to know what you’re doing throughout the day. “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” posts are helpful.

3. Customize your twitter background with a tiny image that repeats many times. Your artwork isn’t at all distracting when reading an individual post.

3b. Corollary: Customize your avatar with the same image as your background image. Using your existing logo as an avatar is silly.

4. Customize the appearance of twitter pages with different colors and fonts than your existing web site. Using your existing branding and style is silly.

4b. Corollary: Make the fonts and colors you choose as different as possible from your existing marketing materials. Differing styles makes your organization look larger.

5. Only provide links to your own web site. Why take the chance a reader may visit the competition?

5b. Corollary: Only link to your home page. Once someone is there, they can navigate your site to find the details they are looking for.