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July 31 – August 9, 2004

I got a handful of bounced messages last summer, all touting CSDN. Here’s the first message:

Great Afternoon Margrett

Scholfield Great Issue – Crossstreet, Distr. Inc.

Great Gains For…..CSDN. Get Immediately!.,proven

New News released, Great Gains Expected,CSDN! gradation

CSDN,will EXPLODE on 2nd of August .. Huge Exposure
expected all week in over 28 Financial Newsletters
also with a fax campaign beginning Friday so get it now.overcast

So at least they admit they are trying to increase the price by advertising it, rather than advertising the products the company makes.

Please read below, we expect that many newsletters will
cover CSDN in next 5 days and we believe the stock is
headed to over Fifty cents! desolation


Well, let’s check the price now. It’s been 5 months. Wow, according to Yahoo, the price today is 1/10th of a cent.

How many ti. mes have you seen. new iss. ues ex. plode but you
couldn’t get your ha. n ds on them? We are a. lerting you to
a special company with a unique bu. siness model that is
set to explode in next 1 month — this is your chance to
get in at the very beginning!antlered

I just love the punctuation.

The-Company:___underskirt is a rec.ording and dist.ribution company
speci.alizing in a g.enre of urban contempo.rary music called
Mac Mu.sic. Cross Str.eet produces musi.c for albums, film,
and .televisi.on, as well as providing pack.aging and
distribution pa.rtnerships with indep.endent and major
motion pict.ure, music prod.uction and di.stribution companies

This is exci.ting busines.s in an e.xci.ting place and time.
Don’t be the one to look back and say, I had the chance to
invest, but pas.sed. hirsute historiograph okay

Don’t Sleep On This One, Big Gains Expected With A Huge
Promotion Over The Weekend As Well, Get CSDN_Immediately.

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within this ema. il contains f. orward statem.ents
wit.hin the of S. ec. tion 2. 7A of t. he Sec .ur .ities
Ac. t .o. f 19. 3. 3 and Secti. on 2 .1. B of the Secu. rities Ex.
cha. nge Act o. f 193. 4. Any sta. tements that exp. ress or invo. lve
disc. ussions with .re .spect to pre. dictions, goa. ls, expe. ctations,
b. eliefs, p. lans, proj. ections, objec. tives, assumpt. ions or
fut. ure even. ts or perfo. rmance. are not sta. tements of hist. orical
fa, ct and m. ay be for. wa. rd looking sta. tem. ents. Plea, se be
advi, sed that nothing withi, n. t. his em ,ail sh. all cons ,ti. tute
a so, licitat ,ion or an offer to b. u. y or se. ll a. ny se, cur. ity
m. entioned herein. This news, letter is ne ,ither a regis. tered
i. nves.t ment , advi, sor nor affi,liated wi, th any bro, ker or
dea.ler. All sta. tements made a,re our express opini, on only and
sho .uld be trea. ted as su. ch. We m ay o. wn, b. uy and s. ell a.
ny securit. ies mentioned a. t any time. This rep. ort inc. ludes
for, ward. lo. oki. ng sta. tements within the mea .ning of The
Priv. ate S. ecur, ities Litig. at . ion Re. form – A. ct of 19 . 95.
The .se sta .te m.e nts ma. y incl. ude te. rms a .s exp. ect belie. ve,
may, will, m .ove unde. rval. ued a. nd in. tend or si. milar t. erms.
This newsl .etter was pa. id 8.500 from third party to se .nd this report.
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Yes, please do y.our own rese.arch before inve.sting.