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Displaying Category Names in WordPress

I just upgraded one of my blogs to WordPress 3.0 and found a bug (feature?) in my theme. The category name was missing from one column on the home page. I ended up changing this line: single_cat_title(); to this: wp_list_categories(“include=$category&title_li=&style=none”); and all is fine again. Note: The double quotes on the second command are required. […]

Double Check The Year In Your Footer

With the new year comes a very easily remedied problem: many web sites still say 2009 in their footer. You can either hard-code the year in the footer.php page in your site’s template and manually update each January 1st. Or you can add this bit of php code: <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> in place of […]

Two Ideas for Mitigating Future WordPress Vulnerabilities

This weekend there has been a plethora of news stories about pre-2.8.4 versions of WordPress being hacked (Lorelle, Matt or the Guardian). The official way to protect yourself is to install an upgraded version of the system. My first suggestion: The administrators of a WordPress blog should be sent an email once a new release […]

Comment Policy

The comment policy on most of my blogs is: use a real name (first and last names), and if you include a link to a web site, the web site shouldn’t be pure advertising drivel. Something like “Jones Travel Blog” or “Something Tips and Tricks” would not be approved, as those sites are just wanting […]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5

I’ve just upgraded all of my blogs to WordPress 2.6.5. I also upgraded some plugins that were a little out of date. Everything seems to be running along nicely.

WordPress Theme Directory After Four Months

Last summer, WordPress opened their brand new Theme Directory with a whole bunch of themes. Three themes to be exact (Dum-Dum, Tarski, and Monotone I believe), with less than 1,000 downloads the first day. Four months later, after a lot of steady work by designers from around the world, the directory hosts 680 themes, with […]

Odd Comment Spam Attempts

Starting on November 10th at 10:29am (EST), running through this morning at 6:30am, I have received dozens of comment spam attempts across most of my WordPress blogs. They all followed the same basic format: Deneen Carrillo | | IP: 5wj9j1bdvd74zbcv A real looking name, an obviously fake email address (usually with a non-existent […]

Sometimes a Comment Is Simply a Comment

Comment spammers are definitely getting trickier, as noticed by Mark Ghosh in his article Comment Spam with more Kung Fu?. I’m starting to notice that the comment spammers are now starting to simply copy and paste an existing comment and submit as their own comment. My guidelines for identifying comment spam that doesn’t get caught […]

WordPress 2.6.2 Upgrade Completed

I’ve upgraded all of my blogs to the latest version of WordPress, 2.6.2. No hiccups or problems. It seems that every release goes just a bit quicker and more easily than the prior release. And of course, 2.7 is due out later this year. More info at Lorelle’s posting for this week’s WordPress news.

WordPress 2.6.1 Login Headaches

Earlier today I started upgrading my blogs to the latest and greatest WordPress, version 2.6.1. I did full backups, both the SQL database and the html of the web site. I then tweaked my upgrade script and started plugging away. After the old files were archived, the new files were in place, I ran the […]