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I’m getting lots of requests on my sites for urls that include “RK=0” as the end of the URL. I block all of those requests. Here are a couple links I’ve found that describe and discuss what those odd “RK=0” requests are: Xenforo: Server Logs with RK=0/RS=2 …. I now know what these are The […]


I’m getting many many 404 errors on my web sites where someone is requesting the url of Any idea what the attack is?

Junk Mail Update for May 2011

I’m on my anti-junk mail kick again. I really don’t get that much junk mail, because I clamp down on the mail that we do get. These are the egregious junk mailers I’ve tried to deal with today. I went to their web sites to contact them. Hopefully they will respond to my request that […]

TBD Traffic Analysis

Today it was announced that Albritton Communications will be laying off much of the staff of TBD. TBD is a web publication focusing on news, sports, and events in the Washington DC region, and was launched on August 9, 2010. One portion of their strategy was to incorporate a network of DC area bloggers (the […]

How To Succeed At Twitter

Here are a few tips on increasing your Twitter effectiveness 1. Repeat the same tweet day after day. People may forget your information, they need to hear it multiple times. 1b. Corollary: If your information is really important, post the same tweet multiple times per day. 2. Post inane information, such as what you had […]

Making the 4G Blacklist Easier to Manage

Jeff Starr wrote back in March about his attempts at keeping scammers and crackers and other undesirables away from his web sites. He’s published his suggested settings for the Apache web server at The Perishable Press 4G Blacklist. I’m not a fan of adding lots of stuff to my core system files. So I simply […]

Recommended Server Software: Pixelpost

If you are an active photographer, you should definitely look into using Pixelpost to manage your online photo collection. I’m using it for my Fractal of the Day web site. From the Pixelpost introduction: Meet Pixelpost, a small photoblog application that’s a no-brainer to set up and use. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to regularly […]

Step on the Tasap Spider

I recommend any non-Chinese web site block the TaspaSider, from It does not request robots.txt, and requested 387 pages from one of my web sites in 74 seconds. The user agent was “Tasapspider/0.9 (” and the IP address was Update 2010-03-05: Also blocked

DoFollow Rapist

Be on the lookout for a “seo” rapist. This guy (his blog doesn’t deserve a link) is writing a new custom search engine of only blogs that don’t nofollow. His spider hits your site, then within seconds every URL in your sitemap is hit, leading to high bandwidth and server resource usage. I recommend blocking […]

Making Dokuwiki Easier: Add ?do=edit to URLs

I use Dokuwiki for one of my site’s wiki systems. And I’ve removed many of the admin functions from the templates, since I’m the only one who can edit the site. I created a javascript bookmark that adds the ?do=edit to the url so I can easily make changes to the page. javascript:location.href=decodeURIComponent(window.location.pathname)+’?do=edit’