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Archiving Web Locations (webloc) to the web

I’ve written a bash script that works on Tiger which creates a web page of the .webloc files I have saved to my computer. I’ll get the script posted soon, I’m documenting it now. The page it uploads is at

I don’t like Spotlight

I’m probably the only person in the world who feels this way, but I don’t like Spotlight, Tiger’s new search feature. The files I store on my Powerbook are fairly well organized in a hierarchy of folders. Three main categories (personal, CDT, and IEF). Inside of each are sub-categories (web site name, support, misc., movies, […]

Automator Rename Files Sequentially works great!

I had a bunch of files I needed to rename sequentially. They were chapters from a book I’m HTMLing, so I wanted the names to be part1-chapter1.shtml, part1-chapter2.shtml, etc… up to part1-chapter13.shtml. By duplicating the file in the finder I got 13 files, but they all had an extra “copy” in the filename. Automator let […]

Tiger Automator Bug

I just submitted this bug report to Apple: “I wrote an automator script that moves all .webloc files on my desktop into a folder on my desktop. It works fine within automator, but as a folder action, I can see it run when I drop a file on the desktop, but it doesn’t do anything. […]

Installing Classic

I’m installing Classic support (the old OS 9) from the DVDs that came with the iMac. 325MB, not too bad. but I really like playing some of those old games. Myst, The Fools Errand. Completed installing at 10:03am. Now to see if it works. I’ve reads reports of problems. But it looks good. took about […]

XCode tools disk space

Wow, it takes 1.5GB of space. About half of that is documentation. It’s my understanding that Microsoft developers have to pay to write programs with Microsoft’s code. Apple is free, part of OS X. You can sign up for free, support at the Apple Developer connection. Finished at 9:57am.

XCode Tools

Since I already have the DVD in the drive, I’ll install the XCode Tools. XCode are programmer’s tools so that you can write your programs for the Mac. They take a bit of space, and aren’t for everyone. The readme file does warn that at the end of the install process, it will take substantially […]

Software Update

After a few seconds, the softare Update panels comes up. Only one update so far, iTunes 4.8.


First thing, choose the country for registration. You can also use vocieover. After a few seconds, the iMac started talking to me. Very freaky, and cool. 9:37am. Do you already own a Mac? If so, you can coonect the two computers together with a firewre cable, and Tiger will copy everything over, settings, applications. you […]


The computer will restart in 30 seconds. If you do nothing, the machine restarts itself. Very nice for unattended installations. Nice gray screen. Cool music starts. Welcome. Velkommen. Bivenue. Nice spotlight effect, then a black Tiger X. 9:35am.