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Watching Your Web Server

I have often wished I could have a real-time visual indicator of what my web server is doing. I never really got past simply using a tail command piped into a grep command so I could see interesting things. But Erlend Simonsen came up with a very cool program called glTail. It’s a Ruby script […]

Podcast Process

My wife and I run a podcast/blog/wiki covering live theater in the Washington DC area I just spent the last 25 minutes editing the audio for a review for a show we saw on Thursday night. We use Audacity to record our conversation about the show. Audaucity lets me see our words, and it is […]

Screensavers for OS X

I have the following screen savers installed on my Powerbook: GPULife the game of Life rendered using only your video card Electric Sheep distributed computing sued to create what computers dream of when they are asleep Fracture creates fractals. View the

Re: Classic Goes Out with Nary a Whisper

In Classic Goes Out with Nary a Whisper Chris Adamson wonders if anyone will really miss Classic mode on the new Intel Macs. I don’t think most people will miss Classic. I had to rebuild my Powerbook a few weeks ago, and I decided not to install Classic at all. There were a handful of […]

My Webloc Archiving Script

I cleaned my Powerbook’s desktop off this morning. The script is now posted at: Making Webloc Archives. My script merely reads the .webloc files, extracts the url, grabs the site’s favicon if there is noe, then uploads the link to a web site.

Favorite Free Mac Software

Here is my list of my favorite free Mac software: Audacity Chicken of the VNC Galerie NetNewsWire Lite Chax

What’s in your menu bar?

I change the items in my menu bar every few months. As of March 8, 2006 this is what I had: From left to right: GizmoProject: VOIP client, $5 month for an incoming phone number, portable to any computer iKey: keyboard macros DeskTopple: hides my desktop’s icons (a bit better than Backdrop) NetMonitor: shows my […]

I found a Tiger Security Bug!


Installing Software on a Headless Xserve G5

I needed to run the Dantz Retrospect Backlup client onto my new Apple XServe G5. The problem is that the G5 doesn’t have a monitor. You can install packages through the command line on the server. Simply ssh into the box, then run the installer command. If you want to log into the box with […]

Archiving Web Locations (webloc) to the web, now with FavIcons

I’ve updated my script to grab the site’s Favicon. I’m now cleaning up the script, and will post it shortly. (Edited (2012-08-28): I removed this from function from my site, I never really got it to work reliably and have moved on to other systems. It could be useful though to use it as a […]