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Archive of posts filed under the OSX-panther category.

Goodbye, Panther, I hardly Knew Ya

I’ve been running Panther since just after 10.3.1 came out. It’s been rock solid, a joy to work with, and it’s now been surpassed by OS X Tiger, 10.4. Tiger has a high standard to meet. We’ll see.

Aladdin’s MAMP

Cool, a stand alone version for the Mac of Apache, Mysql and PHP: MAMP.

Run DOS on a Mac

I’ve never needed to run Windows on my Powerbook, but have needed to run some old DOS programs I wrote. So I would either use the Windows XP machine at work, or my ancient Windows ME machine at home. But today, I found an alternative: DOSBox. DOSBox is a DOS emulator for Linux, Windows (why?), […]

iPhoto Improvement

iPhoto needs to be able to do subcategories (sub-albums). I have many albums related to family events, it would be great to be able to hide them when working on an album related to my Travel photos. So I could have 4 or 5 main Albums (Family, Friends, Travel, Work) and then have albums under […]

Boo Apple!! They Killed iPodDownload

When I first got my 40GB iPod (3G) this summer, it was great. Except for one small problem. My music was stored on an external hard drive. The music played fine through iTunes while the external drive was mounted. Unfortunately, the iPod was not recognized through the external hard drive’s second FireWire port. I really […]

Does anyone know a good contact manager for OS X?

My office uses Macs for everything. Almost everyone has a laptop (an iBook or a PowerBook). And everyone is running either Jaguar (OS X 10.2) or Panther (OS X 10.3). And we have a rather large list of people that we need to contact for one reason or another. For years, we’ve been using Now […]

Eudora 6.1 Scheduling Compactions of mailboxes

I have a ton of mailboxes in my various Eudora setups. Every month or so I compact all the mailboxes. I do this by option-clicking on the mailbox info box in the lower left corner of a mailbox. What I remember happening is each box getting instantly compacted. Now it seems that they will be […]


While trying to find a way to manage Safari’s icon cache, I found a cool program called FavIconic. It uses AppleScript to retrieve a site’s web icon and assign it to a .webloc file stored on your Mac. Very slick. FavIconic. It would be nice if FavIconic put in some kind of “no icon available” […]


I just found a really cool free program called ShareClip. It shares text from your clipboard with one other computer, in very near real time. It works on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. I will find this very handy as I continue moving from Windows to the Mac at home. ShareClip.