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Eudora is dead

Qualcomm is releasing Eudora to become a colloration with the open source project Thunderbird. Read the press releases from Qualcomm and the press release from Mozilla. So much for the exalted Real Soon update of Eudora. Now to figure out how to migrate tons of ancient mailboxes to Thunderbird.

x-eudora-setting:7818 Reply to sender attribution

You can customize the text that appears in front of the text you are quoting in a reply. Simply open a new message and paste in the command in the body of the blank message. <x-eudora-setting:7818> Then double click that link. In the box that appears, simply use these codes to create the text you […]

What I want in an email client

Giles Turnbull asks what I want in a new email client for the Mac. I use Eudora for a lot of email management. Eudora’s limits needs to be fixed: (1) More than 32,000 messages in a mailbox. (2) Personalities should be able to be renamed safely. (3) better handling of filter rules that include […]


You can customize tons of Eudora settings by using s. They are mostly defined at X-Eudora-Settings.txt. All you do is copy the tag to a new message in Eudora. It will become a link, double click it, and then change the options. A very useful one is: . It allows you to change the text […]

Eudora is Crashing

I’ve been using Qualcomm’s Eudora for the Mac since the day I started at CDT, June 1, 1999. I’ve moved my Eudora settings file from Mac to Mac as I’ve upgraded machines over the years. And I’ve changed versions of Eudora many times since then. And changed from OS 8.something to my current OS X […]