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Archive of posts filed under the Ultimate Category Excluder category.

Ultimate Category Excluder 1.00

I have transferred ownership and maintenance of the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin to Marios Alexandrou. I am no longer actively developing WordPress themes or plugins.

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.96

I went back to version 0.84 and basically recreated that version as version 0.96. I do hope this fixes the bugs that are breaking people’s web sites. I have also applied to WordPress for a beta version of the plugin to be listed in the Plugin Directory. That way I can test new versions on […]

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.94

I have released an updated version of my WordPress plugin, Ultimate Category Excluder. This is version 0.94, which addresses the home page bug in the previous version. I do have a bug report about another page, but since this version should fix the problem for most people, I’m releasing it now. Thanks for your patience, […]

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.91

I have released an updated version of my WordPress plugin, Ultimate Category Excluder. A few people are finding the plugin isn’t excluding categories at all anymore. For now, you can download the old version. Replace the file ultimate-category-excluder.php in the /wp-content/plugins/ultimate-category-excluder folder with the one that is in this zip. If this bug is hitting […]

Ultimate Category Excluder Upgraded

I have released an upgraded version of Ultimate Category Excluder. Version 0.84 works with WordPress 3.6. I’ve also added a listing of your system’s software versions. So if you have trouble, you can send me the details of your system. Download Ultimate Category Excluder from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Ultimate Category Excluder 0.8

Ultimate Category Excluder has been upgraded to version 0.8. You may download Ultimate Category Excluder from The only change made was a new feature, which has been frequently asked for, to allow all categories to appear on the list of categories able to be excluded, even those categories which don’t have any posts yet. […]

Ultimate Category Excluder Upgraded to Version 0.7

Ultimate Category Excluder has now been released with support for internationalization (i18n). Thanks to Patrick Skiebe for the suggestion and code. UCE is now shipping with support for English and German. Please send me other languages if you can generate the translation. Download UCE from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Ultimate Category Excluder (UCE – unfortunately […]

Ultimate Category Excluder Now in the WP Plugin Directory

My WordPress plugin, Ultimate Category Excluder is now in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Version 0.6 is compatible with WordPress 3.1. It allows you to exclude posts from specific categories appearing on the home page, archive pages, or in your feed.