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170 FNPL bounces and counting

So far, 170 bounces of the FNPL spam scam from bad email addresses.

FNPL faked "unsubscribe address"

Wow, the idiot sending out the spam under my domain is falsifying the email address used for “unsubscribe requests.” Sounds like a Federal Trade Commission report is soon to come. not that the FTC is much better than the SEC, but I’ve got to start somewhere. Here are the addresses falsified so far. […]

FNPL Loser

Gryder Market Insider Report – FNPL Is On The Move! Dear Subscriber, How can I (or actually, the intended spammed recipient) be a subscriber? Loser idiot spammer. This Weeks Hot Pick Is FNPL. With a 52wk high of 1.50 it is sitting at .80 at the moment and expected to explode over the next 2 […]