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Odd Phone Call From 512-795-6439

I just got a call on my cell from 512-795-6439. The guy “John” was heavily accented, and wanted me to provide a credit reference for a company I’d never heard of. He thought he was calling some company I’ve never heard of. Fine, it was just a wrong number, no big deal. Then he wanted my fax number, and my full name. If it’s a wrong number, hang up, that’s the end of it. I asked to call him back, he gave me 866-843-5950 and a 9 digit reference number to use. He always referred to his company as D&B, was it really Dun & Bradstreet? It really did not feel very professional or legitimate.

I just did an online chat with someone at Dun & Bradstreet:

Amanda: Hi, how can I help?

You: I just got a strange phone call from someone claiming to be with “D&B”

Amanda: Ok…

You: They were wanting me to provide a credit reference for some business I never heard of, and thought I was some other business I never heard of.

Amanda: So we called you in error?

You: well, someone did. But he wanted my fax and company info to confirm he called incorrectly.

Amanda: Ok, let me check your record.

Amanda: What is the companies name and the state it is in please?

You: he gave me a reference # of ###-###-###

Amanda: Right…BUT you said he was calling the wrong company.

Amanda: So I would check you file to ensure there are no alerts on your file

You: Umm, no. I have no D&B account

Amanda: ok.

Amanda: So what exactly do you need from me then?

You: Am I being scammed? heavy accent, odd phone number, a wrong comapny name – it all felt like a scam.

Amanda: The company affiliated with the Duns number above is: (odd company name) NOV 24 2010 RATING DS

Amanda: Ph: TEL: ### ###-####

You: nope, never heard of them.

Amanda: Well, is the phone number similar?

You: nope! I asked for a number to call back, what number would I have been given?

Amanda: I have NO idea…we are a Global organization.

You: ok, thanks for your help. It really felt fishy, you know? Have a good Thanksgiving.

So, basically, it felt like a scam; but it might not have been one. But asking a wrong number for details about a business that you call as a wrong number is really sketchy.


  1. Monte says:

    I just got a call from “Shirley” asking me to call back and update their records from the same number. Thick accent.

  2. hddhdh says:

    they called me as well. sounds like they are farming info for websites used to give company profiles. ill update once i get to the bottom of it. it is fishy and that they call themselves D&B sounds like they are trying to trick people into trusting them