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And my PageRank is …

So, the Alexa thing is kinda geeky, but useless. What other metrics can I find? Google’s pagerank of course. I found a cool Firefox extension SearchStatus that shows both the Google PageRank and the Alexa Rank in the status bar. is a PageRank of 6.

Booya. lol.

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  1. rahmat says:

    three months after my website online it had pagerank 3.0, but now all backlinks to my website is zero according to google. why ?:( anyone can help me friends?
    perhaps you want to critize my website ? you can do it, this is the url of my website : -snip-

  2. I removed the link to your web site, if someone wants to know the URL, let me know. Your web site is very spammy looking. The title tag is all keywords with various spaces between words; no real content, lots of slow loading ads, your “awards” are ancient (2002) marketing programs, copyright is 2005, so you haven’t done anything on the site lately. Why would anyone link to your site, there is no reason to go there. Everything you are offering can be found better elsewhere. To get a page rank, you need to do the work, page rank is not given it is earned.

  3. Anyone noticing any problems with Google Pagerank?…

    I was just testing the new Firefox 2.0 beta, and I noticed that now has a Google PageRank of 7. (It was at 6 back in February.) Wohoo! So of course I tested my other sites. My Washington DC theatre information site has jumped from 4 to 6…