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Automator Rename Files Sequentially works great!

I had a bunch of files I needed to rename sequentially. They were chapters from a book I’m HTMLing, so I wanted the names to be part1-chapter1.shtml, part1-chapter2.shtml, etc… up to part1-chapter13.shtml. By duplicating the file in the finder I got 13 files, but they all had an extra “copy” in the filename. Automator let me drag the files into Automator, then Automator renamed the files for me. Two minutes of experimenting with the options, then Wham! it was done. And the next time it’ll only take a few seconds since I know which options to use. Very cool. I think Automator (once it works all the way) will save me tons of time, and definitely is an improvement to my work flow. And definitely is worth the $129 price of Tiger.